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by superdts
2016-05-12 5:14
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Topic: Battle Girls List
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Battle Girls List

Hi Team,Any chance of getting some help on listing all known battle girls in a POST? i tried searching google but no luck at all, it would really help if we can have a look at all available girls and their skills.E.G.Battle Girl: AnniePrimary Attribute: INTSkill 1 : Shred Void - Drain an Enemy's HP ...
by superdts
2016-05-12 5:00
Forum: Guides & FAQ
Topic: A Beginner's Guide.
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Re: A Beginner's Guide.

I see this special girl that has the ultimate (i think) that teleports the back of the enemy line and start doing insane fast attack and BIG DAMAGE. Saw this girl when i was doing robbing on the work places. Only saw it once though.

Question is, who is that girl and how can I get her?