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by eliridgway
2016-02-14 23:38
Forum: Customer Support
Topic: Cant login game
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Cant login game

Hi GM...

I tried to login but it keep bring me to this page

Im wondering is there any maintanance going on now or something else..




by eliridgway
2015-08-04 5:32
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Potential Stone Stone
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Re: Potential Stone Stone

Only train for partners and not for main

by eliridgway
2015-04-21 5:48
Forum: News & Events
Topic: Forum Joke Event!
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Re: Forum Joke Event!

4 friends (Ladies) meet 30 years after school at reunion....One goes to take a food while the other 3 start to talk about how successful their sons became.No. 1 says her son studied economics, became a banker and is so rich he gave his best friend a ferari.No. 2 said her son became a pilot, started ...
by eliridgway
2015-03-03 7:11
Forum: News & Events
Topic: Sexy Three Kingdoms Free Gold!
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Re: Sexy Three Kingdoms Free Gold!

Name: MonicaZ

Server: S32

Message: Soooooo..... Sexy Three Kingdoms!

by eliridgway
2015-01-09 6:52
Forum: Customer Support
Topic: Login Issue
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Login Issue

Why i cannot login my ID.... I dont see any announcment for server maintainance.. Please check.. Thank u.

ID name : MonicaZ

Server : 32 Rainbow

by eliridgway
2014-12-07 16:13
Forum: News & Events
Topic: Spend Gold, Bonus Energy!
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Re: Spend Gold, Bonus Energy!

Name: MonicaZ
Server: S32
Message: Go Sexy Three Kingdoms! u are always the best......