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2017-12-22 7:15
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Crazy Christmas Deals! Up to 300% Bonus Gold!
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Re: Crazy Christmas Deals! Up to 300% Bonus Gold!

Ho..Ho...Ho....Ho....Merry Christmas To All GMs and Players. May all of you have a wonderful year ahead and all your wishes come true. May STK game last forever.

From : White Knight (Server: s.11)

2015-05-03 0:05
Forum: News & Events
Topic: Server Mergers!
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Re: Server Mergers!

It is really a disaster to merge with s.9 as 1 guy dorminate all. There is a BIG BULLY from s.9. It is no more fun playing after the merger. Even the event is meaningless. Arena Prince - 1 person takes all. Dominator - 1 person takes all. The rest hardly can get any cause he kills anyone who try to ...