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by ZKyut
2018-01-19 13:54
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: 3rd Anniversary of Sexy Three Kingdoms!
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Re: 3rd Anniversary of Sexy Three Kingdoms!

Happy Birthday STK!!

Nickname: Mechu

Server: S122 - Diao Chan

Birthday wish: My wish is, to have Godlike Yun Chang in my team :D, hehe... More Birthdays and Blessing to me and my family.. and have a good health too..

Number guess: 3

by ZKyut
2017-12-29 13:13
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Last Event of 2017~!
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Name : Mechu - S122 Diao Chan - EST I spent all my time on christmas with my family, eating together and talking about the happeniss we have, and also I spent time on playing STK , I love my team... My New years' Resolution is to going to be top of my server on STK make my team stronger!, ehehe..., ...
by ZKyut
2017-12-22 2:13
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Crazy Christmas Deals! Up to 300% Bonus Gold!
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Re: Crazy Christmas Deals! Up to 300% Bonus Gold!


Long Live!! STK

Mechu - S122

by ZKyut
2017-12-21 15:34
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: 【Event】Predict Cross Server Hegemony Winner! (Ended)
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Re: 【Event】Predict Cross Server Hegemony Winner!

Mechu, S122


Group 1: Azul Gerry -S5

Group 2: Justice -S90

Group 3: Dana Ackland -S108

Group 4: Jack Ripper -S110

Group 5: Badboy -S116