Game Guide: Main Menu

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Game Guide: Main Menu

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Game Guide:Main Menu

Fortress (Divine Fortress)

1. Top Left Icon (Game Option)

This bar shows your Rep Hero, Level, and Nickname.

After tapping it, you may find more information, and more helpful tips.

Account- You maychange your Rep Hero Icon at here, more importantly, you can contact GM directly by clicking on GM bar.

Setting- You may turn on/off your game notification setting here, also set your nationality flag to meet more friends from the same country.

Help- You mayfind a lot of useful in-game tips such as how to evolve your heroes, what are the Trial Arenas…etc.

2. Game Chat

You can chat with other players that are playing in the same server throughhere.

We have made a new “Help” channel allow our novice players to ask their questions, also we have novice instructor to answer players’ questions most ofthe time.

You may change your chat channel by clickon the top right bar.

3. In-game Resources

Coins- Common currency used on buying equipments, enhance your heroes and armors.

Gold- Rare currency used to purchase in game items such as Stamina,Talisman, Quick Clear Pass, more importantly, purchase on the Advanced Scrolls to summon legendary heroes.

Stamina- Used for entering Campaign Quest, Trial Arena, Expedition, and Tower of Babel.

Talisman- Used for entering Arena.

QuickClear Pass- Used for quick raid after you finished current quest.

4. Events

Tap on this icon to check out the various events being held!

Also you may check your daily sign-in progress here.

5. Novice Quest
You can see your current Quests in progress.

New Quests will be marked with flashing effect, follow the quest you may getvarious rewards to strengthen your heroes.

6. Campaign Quest

Take off on an epic adventure through the world of Pocket Three Kingdoms fromhere!
- You can enter the Scenario Province, Arena, Tower of Babel, and Expeditionfrom here.
- There is a total of 13 Scenario Provinces, each consisting of 7 levels.
- Each level has 3 difficulty levels available: Normal, Hard, and Hell.

7. Heroes

You can check the heroes under your command, equip them with Armors and Enhance the Armors from here.

- You can also select your Representative Heroes, check on Heroes’ stats and also the armor recommended for them.

- Don't forget to check the Heroes Collection, their reviews, more importantly you can check on their skill demo as well!

8. Mission

You can check the progress of Daily Missions/Campaign Missions/Achievements,and also collect the rewards for the ones you've completed.

9. Social

-You can check and manage your Friend list. You can also invite Friends, and check and accept the Friend requests you received. Also you may link your friend list to Facebook, and invite more friends from there.

-You can also look for a guild to join,once you are in a guild, you can fight together with your guild mate against Guild Boss for reward, or join Oath of Peach Garden to earn prestige points.

10. Shop

You can purchase various items using your in-game currencies, and sometimes we offered limited pack for sales during event!

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