General Armor Guides for newbie

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General Armor Guides for newbie

Post by taku » 2016-04-06 11:42

Armor is one of the most important factor in the game, so this handsome man will run you all thru a bit about armor guide in general.

Theres 15 kind of armors, each type of armor consist of 2 or 4 sets. You can obtain armor from quest drop (which has specific location for each), trial (wisdom and strenght), mystery shop, and event pack or sale.

The armor type, drop area and effect as follows:

*RED can farm from strenght trial, *BLUE from wisdom

Eternal: Boost 15% of unit max HP (2set) Drop in Liang zhou area

Dragon: Boost 30% of unit Atk (4set) Drop in Yang zhou area

Tiger: Boost 12% of unit Crit rate (2set) Drop in Yi zhou area

Overlord: Boost 40% of unit Crit DMG (4set) Drop in You zhou area

Tempest: Boost 25% of unit SPD (4set) Drop in Ji zhou area

Phoenix: Boost 20% of unit ACC (2set) Drop in Xu zhou area

Tortoise: Boost 15% of unit DEF (2set) Drop in Yang zhou area

Golem: Boost 20% of unit Resistance (2set) Drop in Jiao zhou area

Kylin: Give 25% chance to stun to unit attack (4set) Only drop in STR trial

Purity: Give immunity for 1 round (2set) Drop in Gorguryeo area

Chivalry: Boost 4% atb gauge every hit received (2set) Drop in Baekje area

Tenacity: Give shield to entire team, shield amout is 15% of unit max HP (2set) Drop in Yamatai area

Thorn: Give unit 15% chance to counter (2set) Drop in Izumo area

Divine: Give unit 20% chance to get additional round (4set) Drop in Jin zhou area

Glory: Give unit ability to leech 35% of damage dealt to enemies (4set) Only drop in Wisdom trial

Armor upgrades table

*still missing some info if have the data please pm me. thx


1. What are * (stars) in armor?: * represent the armor quality, more the star better the armor.

2. What are legendary armor?: The colours of armor represent the rarity. it consist of white common, green magic, blue rare, purple hero and orange legendary. The better raririty lvl you get more initial or bonus substats in that armor, legendary armor can have up to 4 substats. (enchance armor automaticly encanche the rarity)

3. Why armor has name like calm, violent, etc?: Apart from the substats some armor got special name in front get bonus substats, bad news is it cant be raised.

4. What are the best armor type?: There are no best armor, certain unit require particular armor to shine we will discuss it at other post

5. What are jewel?: Jewel is an event item, it give you 50% discount coin to upgrade armor

6. What are armor max enchance lvl?: The maximum is +15

7. Which is better attack or attack % armor?: % armor are far better than flat stats. so look for % main stats instead flat one.

8. Why so had to get +15 armor?: ASK ROSELLE lol. it is hard to get +15 and its depend on luck also some require millions coin to upgrade

9. Where the best place to get good armor?: Mystery shop and event are the BEST place to get good amor. You can farm in STR10 and WISDOM 10 also but the rate to get good one not that high.

So thats all for now, if got question about GENERAL armoring feel free to reply the post. Specific armor build for unit question please refer to other thread. THX.

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