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Accuracy, Resistance, Speed, and attack bar

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Accuracy, Resistance, Speed, and attack bar

Post2016-04-07 2:53

Once again DRUSS here your friendly SEA server helper,

Ok so 4 things i have found that people struggle with are, SPEED, ATTACK BAR (ATB), ACCURACY, and RESISTANCE.

so i will cover off on these briefly, just so you get the basic idea of them, and then you can all ask any thing you dont understand and ill try answer more specifically tou your questions.

Accuracy & Resistance

- Ok so when you look at a skill for example, we will use water Dian wei, his 3rd skill has a 75% chance to reduce enemy defence for 2 rounds. that means exactly that, the skill has a 75% chance to TRY reduce enemy defence. So once that skill activeates and tryes to apply defence debuff to the enemy, it then comes down to accuracy as to weather the debuff with land or not. 

- If you have high accuracy the skill will most likely land and reduce the enemy defence, same goes if you have very low accuracy the chances of landing the skill are very low.

-Accuracy is directly related to resistance, if your accuracy is higher than their resistance and your skill activates it will land, very basically speaking.

-So for debuffing hero's or buff removing hero's you want high accuracy.

Resistance is essentially the opposite to accuracy it is your chance to resist a debuff ability, so for tanks or hero's that you want to not get effected by debuffs you would put high resistance on them, Perfect example is water XQ, does very well with high resistance.

Shorty put, Accurace is your chance to overcome resistance and land a debuff.

Speed and attack bar (ATB)

- Very important to under stand, speed is not only the speed at which your hero moves but also the rate that your attack bar (atb) fulls up. so becasue of that speed and atb are related.

- So if i have a hero with 100 speed and one with 200 speed the atb of the 200 speed hero will fill up 2x as fast as the one that is 100 speed. Meaning that it will not only go first but get alot more turns over the course of a fight.

- This plays alot into speed syncing of heros for arena, and trials (mainly arena)

- Speed syncing in arena, for example i will use 2 heros wind PD and ZXC, as they are commonly used in arena nuke teams. we obviously want PD to go first and increase the atb of the zxc by 30% also saying this it also increases the speed of the ZXC by 30% of its base speed. So if we had a very slow speed on my zxc it wont 100% go after my PD. To counter this we need to have our zxc running at at least 70% speed of our PD so 200 speed PD and 140 speed ZXC, or else we risk a fire XQ going inbetween the 2 stuffing up our arena team resulting in a loss. Obviously we can do other things like reduce enemy atb or have a second hero to increase our zxc atb, like water CWJ or DF.

So speed syncing directly relates to the speed at which teh ATB fills up at. Kind of a confusing topic but one i am happy to talk about with any player in the forum here.

Peace out and enjoy the read, ask questions, challange me on my opinions and math im not going to be right 100% of the time, input is greatly appreciated.

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