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Begginer Questions!

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Filipe Yum@fb

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Begginer Questions!

Post2016-04-08 2:20

Hey Druss asked me to type some of my questions here that might help other begginers like myself!

So first of, i think a thread about what heroes are the best in their respective category or considered the best for example



5 stars -

Support -


Another question i had is, what should we focus on as new players (i consider a new player someone from range 0-25 i guess? But i guess it really depends on their knowledge of the game).

For example at the moment I'm focusing on trials ( to get the jewels to ascend my heroes) but that doesn't net me much xp/money. And another thing I'm focusing is getting the armor sets i see in the review part of the system that people advise for each of my hero.

And i guess the ultimate question is (But this take's more time) from the heroes i have who should i use on my lineup.
But this one i assume is very troublesome since everyone has diferent heroes

My lineup :



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Re: Begginer Questions!

Post2016-04-08 3:24

Hello felipe ive seen your units screenshot. You have quite good units for beginners.

Your notable units are. Young zhaoyun, dark zxc, water ganning, water lusu

Those units mostly require good armor to shine, you might want to refer newbie units guide 1st for start. Till you able to get decent armor and awaken those unit mention above.

For now just armor your young zhaoyun with dragon tiger or dragon phoenix armor to help you clear stages and farm for fodder in quest map. Those armor relatively easy to get, later you can change to divine for him.


Filipe Yum@fb

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Re: Begginer Questions!

Post2016-04-08 4:07

Thanks i was about to use lu su to evolve wind lu meng. But i'll keep it then, and yes! I'm already starting to follow your other guide, currently leveling the Wind bullian, need to get the other ones :]

I normally use Young zhao yun, water gan ning, fire wei yan and Huang Yu win, and normally the fifth spot is for Water xiahou Dun or lu meng. Would you make any changes for now with my current setup?

Thanks for answering !



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Re: Begginer Questions!

Post2016-04-08 5:19

@Flipe , I suggest you post on Game Discussion Next time ,this forum is for Guide. :)

 Due to I think that there is a limit post for each catagory, and I really appreciate it .


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