Guide: 3 Star Hero – Wind Xiao Qiao

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Guide: 3 Star Hero – Wind Xiao Qiao

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-05 6:57

Recommended Armor:

3 Eternal Set, Armor (L-S) +ATK%, Armor (B)+ATK%, Armor (R-L) +ATK%

Eternal Set + Dragon Set, Armor (L-S) +ATK%, Armor (B) +ATK%, Armor (R-L) +ATK%

Recommended Star: Awakenand evolved to 6 stars

Description: Wind Xiao Qiao is the must-have support/healer among the 3 StarsHeroes, her first skill Soft Kiss increases her sustain through most battles,her second skill Regain Control heals the entire team, and finally her thirdskill Soul Revival revives one fallen ally. To all matters, Wind XiaoQiao is a good healer for Dungeon and Arena, however she has some divergences about her armor choice. If you want Wind Xiao Qiao to be a guardian in Arena,consider the 3 Eternal Set build. Wind Xiao Qiao is usually the first targetdue to her powerful healing potential. 3 Eternal Set increases her endurance,giving her enough time to heal and revive the rest of the team. The Dragon Setbuild, in other hand, will increase her numbers while healing and lifestealing, surviving the first round in Arena means everything to her. Secondset performs better in dungeon, increase Wind Xiao Qiao’s DPS and intensifies her second skill. In conclusion, we recommend the first set because WindXiao Qiao’s advantage is her third skill. It’s not that important to rely damage numbers, but on survivability.

Advantage: Good endurance. Can Revive Allies

Disadvantage: Lack of DPS

Arena grade: S

Dungeon grade: A

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