Guide:3 Star Hero – Wind Xu Du

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Guide:3 Star Hero – Wind Xu Du

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-12 9:16

Recommended Armor:

3 sets of Eternal, Armor (L-S), Armor (B) and Armor (R-L),additional HP%

Recommended Star: Awaken and evolved to 6 stars

Description: Top tanker, high HP, second skill Consume Meat is very strong fora arena battle of reduction, the third skill Ultimate Strike can easily kill a boss in dungeon. As a wind hero, the enemy won't attack it first when they are not 100% sure to kill it very fast, otherwise wind Xu Du can easily kill a low HP hero using Ultimate Strike. And skill enhance materials are easy to get, really good for novice.

Advantage: strong in killing boss, high defense in arena

Disadvantage: weak in clearing enemy.

Arena grade: S

Dungeon grade: A

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