Guide:4 Stars Hero – Wind Zhang Xingcai

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Guide:4 Stars Hero – Wind Zhang Xingcai

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-14 6:36

Armor Build:

Tiger Set + Dragon Set, (L-S) + ATK%, (B) + ATK%/CRIT%, (R-L) + ATK%

Tiger Set + Overlord Set, (L-S) + ATK%, (B) + CRIT%/ATK%, (R-L) + ATK%

Tiger Set + Kylin Set, (L-S) + ATK%, (B) + CRIT%/ATK%, (R-L) + ATK%/Accuracy%

Recommended Stars: Awaken - 6 Stars

Description: Wind Zhang Xingcai must be the strongest DPS among all 4 star heroes. But check through all her skills, she is more than an attack hero. Her first skill Seal Dagger attacks single enemy and has 70% chance to make target unable to be healed, second skill Surprise Dagger really annoys opponents, attacks all enemies and causes random debuff at the same time. Her awaken third skill Hidden Dagger determines her great damage, ignores enemies defense when attack, such a nightmare for those high defense but low HP heroes. Her leader skill is increase allies attack in dungeon, good choice for players to clear dungeons. As for the armor, the three kinds of set we recommended are all pretty good and have their own pros. Tiger set + Dragon set substantially increases Wind Zhang Xingcai’s DPS, Tiger set + Overlord set increases her burst potential, and Kylin set increases her control potential.

Advantage: Burst Skill

Disadvantage: Relies highly on her armor

Arena Grade: A+

Dungeon Grade: S+

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