Guide:3 Star Hero – Water Xiao Qiao

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Guide:3 Star Hero – Water Xiao Qiao

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-17 8:43

Recommended Armor:

3 Eternal Set, Armor (L-S) +HP%, Armor (B) +HP%, Armor (R-L) +HP%

Recommended Star: Awaken and evolved to 5 stars

Description: Water Xiao Qiao is born to be Arena hero, first skill Soft Kiss increase self viability, second skill Silky Touch increase whole team’s viability. And the most incredible skill is her third skill Goddess Shield, really makes some blast heroes miserable. Some players have complained about Water Xiao Qiao, said that she could even be alive for 10-20 min in Arena. If you luckily get one Water Xiao Qiao, congratulations, one of the Arena Spot is occupied. Third skill decides that Water Xiao Qiao’s armor need +HP stat. Even though she doesn’t perform very well in Dungeon, she is truly a bug in Arena.

Advantage: Outstanding heal performance and endurance

Disadvantage: Low DPS, require high skill level

Arena grade: S+

Dungeon grade: A-

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