Guide:4 Stars Hero – Fire Xiao Qiao

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Guide:4 Stars Hero – Fire Xiao Qiao

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-21 8:38

Recommended Gear:

Tempest Set + Eternal Set, (L-S)+HP%, (B)+HP%, (R-L)+HP%/Resistance%

Triple EternalSet, (L-S)+HP%, (B)+HP%, (R-L)+HP%/Resistance%

Recommended Stars: Awaken- 6 Stars

Description: Fire Xiao Qiao, a small girl that causes a huge trouble for players thatfocus on Damage Build in Arena. Xiao Qiao has similar first and second skillsin every version, however her third skill changes, and the Fire Versions third skill Goddess Blessing is one of the godly skills in Arena: it grants All Team Invincibility for 1 Round and immune to debuffs for 2 Rounds, adding this to her Leader Skill that increases the entire teams defense, it can be said that whenever Fire Xiao Qiao shows her skills in Arena, it will be a trouble to her opponent. Based on what we’ve said, we think that the Tempest + Eternal build is the best one, so she can use Goddess Blessing at the First Round (Tip: CPU Controlled Heroes usually throw their strongest aoe/HK skill asap), awakening her will grant a huge SPD boost. However, if the enemy has a high SPD team,there might be a chance to be HK’d in the first round too. That is why is it really important to act first to prevent this scenario. If she can act first,her presence in the fight will be extremely helpful and it might turn the tides of the battle.

Advantage: Defense Specialist

Disadvantage: Low Damage Output

Arena grade: S

Dungeon grade: A

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