Guide:2 Star Hero – Water Ma Liang

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Guide:2 Star Hero – Water Ma Liang

Post by Roselle » 2016-07-25 10:03

Recommended Armor:

3 Pieces of Eternal Armor, Armor(L-S), Armor (B), Armor(R-L)+ additional %HP Increases Survivability

Recommended Star: Awaken- 5 Stars

Description: Bread N’ Butter Early Game Healer, Best of Its Kind. Has an incredible Group Healing Skill, very important while clearing Dungeons and fighting the Arena. Another of his must have skill in his kit Increases the group’s Resistance. Besides, Ma Liang’s skill enhancing materials are fairly easy to get. Our main goal is to increase his Survivability and keep him in play for as long as possible, so it’s important to gear him up with the Eternal Set in order to boost his tankiness. This character has awesome healling skills to keep your party fighting for longer periods of time. He can also remove debuffs from his partners, which is also a very usefull skill. Water Ma Liang is amust have Hero for every begginer and scales well through the game.

Advantage: Incredible Healing Skills

Disadvantage:Lack of Damage. Healing Only Character

Arena grade: A

Dungeon grade: A

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