Guide:4 Stars Hero – Fire Huang Zhong

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Guide:4 Stars Hero – Fire Huang Zhong

Post by Roselle » 2016-08-06 7:19

Recommended Armor:

Tempest Set +Tiger Set, Armor (L-S) +SPD/ATK%, Armor (B) +ATK%,Armor (R-L) +ATK%/Accuracy%

Divine Set + Tiger Set, Armor (L-S) +SPD, Armor (B) +ATK%, Armor(R-L) +ATK%/Accuracy%

Dragon Set + Tiger Set, Armor (L-S) +SPD, Armor (B) +ATK%, Armor(R-L) +ATK%/Accuracy%

Recommended StarsAwaken and evolved to 6 Stars

Description: Players may think Fire Huang Zhong is a low DPS hero from his skill description, and I would tell you that he really is, lol. Fire HuangZhong’s advantage is not his DPS but his debuff to enemies, and his third skill has a chance to attack 3 times, reduces enemies 25% attack gauge, such a force skill. His second skill causes annoying DoT. As the choice of his armor set, because his main first skill’s damage is based on his speed, I recommend theTempest Set + Tiger Set. The Divine Set could help him to get additional round,well cooperates with his third skill, but it’s hard to get good Divine armor, not suitable for normal players. Dragon +Tiger, it’s more applicable, notoutstanding but easy to combine.

Advantage: Various Debuff, Attack several times in one round

Disadvantage: Lack of AOE Skills, single target DPS is based on chance

Arena Rating: A+

Dungeon Rating: A

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