Guide:2 Star Hero – Fire Liao Hua

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Guide:2 Star Hero – Fire Liao Hua

Post by Roselle » 2016-08-09 12:05

Recommended Armor:

Tiger Set +Dragon Set, Armor (L-S) +ATK%, Armor (B) +ATK%, Armor(R-L) +ATK% (maximize DPS)

Eternal Set +Dragon Set, Armor (L-S) +ATK%, Armor (B) +ATK%,Armor (R-L) +ATK% (increase viability)

Recommended Star: Awaken and evolved to 4 stars

Description: System presented hero, a DPS for starter, first skill Onslaught can restore HP from attack, increase Liao Hua’s viability, but it can’t cover his low HP disadvantage. At early stage, second skill Double Punch is very powerful for dungeon clearing. Liao Hua changes greatly after the awakening; his third skill Offensive Clarion can increase all ally’s damage and critical chance, really strong skill. But due to his lack of HP, just need to evolve himto 4 stars. Anyway, for beginners, Liao Hua is quite useful for dungeon clearing.

Advantage: Higher DPS than other early stage heroes.

Disadvantage: Low HP, easily be killed first.

Arena grade: B

Dungeon grade: A-

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