Guide:4 Stars Hero – Water Jiang Wei

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Guide:4 Stars Hero – Water Jiang Wei

Post by Roselle » 2016-09-01 3:17

Recommended Armor:

Tempest Set + Phoenix Set(L-S) + ATK%, (B)+Crit Rate %/ATK%(R-L)+ATK%/Accuracy%

Kylin Set + Phoenix Set(L-S)+ATK%, (B)+Crit Rate%/ATK%(R-L)+ATK%/Accuracy%

Recommended Star: Awaken - 6 Stars

Description: Water Jiang Wei is often considered as a control-debuff style General on the battle field.However, his damage output should not be underestimated. His first skill after awakening has 30% chance to cause chain strike, whenever he delivered a critical hit his critical rate will be increased for the next round, this skill guarantees that Jiang Wei will certainly have a important damage dealing potential during the fight. His second and third skills are the main reason why Jiang Wei is considered such a powerful control-based hero. His second skilll owers the enemies teams accuracy, greatly reducing the enemies damage output.His third skill can prevent the enemy from acting, creating a safe environment for other allies to build up the much needed damage skills. Even without aout standing damage potential, Jiang Wei is still a Control specialist that can easily change the tides of the battle. About his build, we had some minor struggles to come up with the best builds for him. Water Jiang Wei’s Leadership Skill highly increases the team’s speed, this is very important to guarantee the first attack, even so we still thing that Tempest+ Phoenix is a great build for him: securing the first attack and preventing him from been HK’d before using any of his abilities. It doesn’t matter if he uses the second or third skill first, it will always cause a huge impact on the game. About the Kylin+Phoenix build, to heroes like Jiang Wei that has 2 AOE skills, the chance of causing stun is really important. If you are able to guarantee his survivability on the field, it should be a great idea to further improve his control skills by adding the stun factor to it.

Advantage: Super Strong Control Style Hero

Disadvantage: Low Damage Output (but it’s not his priority so...)

Arena grade: S

Dungeon grade: A+

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