Guide:3 Star Hero – Water Xiahou Dun

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Guide:3 Star Hero – Water Xiahou Dun

Post by Roselle » 2016-09-05 6:25

Recommended Armor:

3 Eternal Set, Armor (L-S) +ATK%/HP%, Armor (B) +ATK%/HP%, Armor (R-L) +ATK%/HP%/Accuracy%

Eternal Set+Dragon Set, Armor(L-S)+ATK%/HP%, Armor(B)+ATK%/HP%, Armor(R-L) +ATK%/HP%/Accuracy%

Recommended Star: Awaken and evolved to 5 stars

Description:As a Tank, Water Xiahou Dun’s skills increase both survivability and DPS. His first skill Water Cut makes enemy unable to be healed, second skill Totem heals entire team and increase attack speed, very good skill, third skill Havoc Cut is an exploding DPS skill, has a chance to decrease defense, outstanding number. The recommended armor may not be the best as Xiahou Dun fits all most all theset. He is a well balanced hero between HP and DPS, performs well in both Dungeon and Arena. Hope you will get him soon.

Advantage: Support team well, outstanding DPS

Disadvantage: Require high star armor and high skill level

Arena grade: A+

Dungeon grade: A+

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