Armor Remake Stone, the solution to creating strong armor(s)

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Armor Remake Stone, the solution to creating strong armor(s)

Post by Roselle » 2016-11-10 13:08

Top notch Armor's can allow you to have faster attack speed, greater attack power, Higher Hp. Now, the solution has arrived. With this new Remake feature, you'll be able to build your very own powerful Armor.

Want to purify those +Hp and Defense stat on an attack armor, yet afraid of losing the Critical Damage and Critical Rate stat. Hesitating, thus ends up using it with no other choice. Well now you can Remake those unsatisfactory sub-stat and create a much more outstanding one. Imaging the satisfaction of personally creating your own Attack %, Critical Damage, Critical Rate or Speed Armor!Come, it time to try out this new feature and start crafting powerful armor!

Obtaining Method

1. Remake Stone can be gained by battling the Time-Spec Boss(Within the event, dealing more damage ensures more Remake Stones)

2. You can also get them by purchasing in the Time-Spec Shop with Time-Spec Coins.

Using Method

By select a 'Hero' - 'Armor' - and 'Enhance', you'll be able to find the Remake section (don't forget, only player(s) that reached lvl 40 can use this feature.)


1. When using the Remake Stone you can convert one of the sub-stat on armor. Stat(s) listed on the right section of the page (Possible Attribute), are stat that can be gained after Remake. (But the original Stat will be permanently removed)

2. Remake stat requires you to consume 1 Remake Stone, the stat value will vary within a certain range after Remake.

3. Each Armor can only have one stat undergo Remake, but that stat can receive multiple Remake.

4. If selected stat has underwent Enhance, the stat after Remake will correspond to the value of the original stat.

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Re: Armor Remake Stone, the solution to creating strong armo

Post by Vespiquen » 2016-12-14 5:58

So let me get this straight. I can get the Armor Remake Stones from beating the Time-Spec bosses.....

So I need to have good armor to get the stones to remake bad armor into good armor.

I found this neat guide for you though: Time-Spec GUide

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