Time-Spec Boss Guide

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Time-Spec Boss Guide

Post by Roselle » 2016-11-14 8:02

General Introduce Guide (from B.N.Y)


The main point that all players have to know about fightingTime-Spec Bosses is that HP is king. In order to excel in the fight, you WILL need to focus on HP, healing and immunity.

A) Hit Points(HP)

There is absolutely no point(aside from those godlike eventheroes) to build super nuke heroes for Time-Spec Bosses. This is because the bosses will always counterattack or it counterattacks randomly. You do not want to see your hero land a critical hit on the boss only to be one shot by the boss from the reprisal.

B) Healing

This is very obvious. But I do have to say this, healers are extremely important.

C) Immunity

Time-Spec bosses have very strong debuff skills. If you do not have any immunity-casting heroes or cleansers, you will have an extremely hardtime fighting the bosses.

Boss Infomation

Yamata No Orochi Element: Wind


1)Ghostly Blade

Attack an enemy 4 times and stun target for 1 round

2) Godly Auro

Attack all enemies 5times and gain invincibility for 1 round ftarget is killed( Cooldown 3 rounds)

3) Eye for Eye (Passive)

Counterattack immediately after receiving an attack

4) Dimensional Force (Passive)

Each decrease in HP will increase attack by 30%, defense by 5% andspeed by 10%. Also immune to skill control, poison and oblivion. If enemy is killed, immediately gain additional round.


Let us take a look at skill 4. It is obvious that with this passive, we should not form a team that revolves around casting debuffs on the boss, as it will not be as effective. So it will be wise to avoid picking heroes with all debuff skills to be in the team. As for skill 3, it should make you realise that you cannot to bring low HP units into this fight. This is because if your unit is killed due to the counterattack, the boss will strike again, and that will not be a great scenario you want to be in. Skill 2 is average and pretty straight forward, while skill 1 tells you to make sure you have heroes that can cast immune to make sure you are safe from stun. With this, we can start to have an idea of what our team will look like.

Excellent guide

IGN-RoW][Holy DMG: 501296

LIneup: Holy Xun Yu [L], Holy Cao Jie, Wind Lu Meng, Witches and FIre Roselle.

Resistance leader skill because the boss has stun on his first skill and he counters every single hit. High HP and resistance heroes are required for this strategy to work, along with some kind of passive heal (holy cao jie and fire roselle), and immunity (witches) to help you not get stunned.Wind lu meng is there as a resser because if your hero using divine gets a lotof turns he will die from counter. Defense buff (holy xun yu) works better than attack debuff (wind lumeng) because the boss is fast and attacks a lot.

IGN-Clueless DMG:460649

Line-up: holy zhuo tai lead, holy cao jie, wind meng hou, fire roselle, holy wei yan

Armour used: all heros except nuke used divine, while nuke used overlord, using divine gives a chance to proc out of a stun once it lands, and all have high resistance in order to resist the stuns

Strategy: using heroes that heal ever turn is helpful due to the counter the boss has. So I used holy cao jie, but lower levels could use holy huang gai. A lead skill of either resistance or hp helps to give you a chance to survive the stuns and resist them or out live the attacks. I used fire roselle for the heal over time buff, it helps are your heros cycles through their turns, holy huang yueying is a good replacement as she also invincibility so save the hp of weaker heros like your nukes. Holy wei yan, he is there to land def break with wind meng hou and holy zhou tai so they allow more damage to be dealt, it lasts only 2 boss attacks, but it is able to give that bis more damage, holy wei yan also helps remove the invincibility when orichi kills your hero with his second skill and third skills allows him to heal and push the allies attack guage up. Wind meng huo first skill has change to make a hero unbuffable, this means he isnt able to make orichi use invincibility when he kills but is hard to time right, so having holy wei yan as back up to remove is a good idea. If you are able to use heroes cast immunity, so fire xiao qiao, wind huang yueying are great ones for it, this stops any chance of being stunned, also using someone like wind orevil xiao qiao to extands buffs, giving you a buffs for a long time. Also the warlord plays a big part, and determines the type of team you can use to take advantage, like cao cao, he lets you heros do large dmg for a turn so using afew healers a with a nuke, if using lui bie, the dmg reduction passives will help with your ability to survive, yuan shao, while using a tank team orextending buffs long enough for his damage to increase high enough, lu biao is able to revive you heroes when you really need it, also restricts all dmg andcrit chance against your heros

IGN-RoW][Craig DMG: 505979

Lineup: Water Sun Ce [L], Holy Cao Jie, Holy Osrot, Water Zhuge Liang,Holy Aurora. LiuBei
Strategy: HCJ causes incoming slant hits and passive healing. Osrot decreases incoming dmg. ZGL built with 2700def great healer and dmg dealer. Sun Ce for immunity and shield to keep dmg down. Aurora cuz everyone likes cats and dmg dealer. Liu Bei for incoming critdmg reduction.

Don't bother debuffing the Boss. Every counterattack he does counts as a turn so debuffs disappear superquick.

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