Time-Spec Boss Guide Ⅱ

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Time-Spec Boss Guide Ⅱ

Post by Roselle » 2016-11-22 6:02

Boss Information



1)Fury Blow

Attackenemy 4 times, each attack steal a buff from target.

2)Roar of War God

Attackall enemies 5 times, each attack removes all buff. (CD time 3 Round)

3)Thunder shook

Attackall enemies 5 times and causes target(s) unable to gain buffs for 2 rounds (CDtime 5 Round)

4)Dimensional Force (Passive)

Eachdecrease in HP will increase attack by 30%, defense by 5% and speed by 10%.Also immune to skill control, poison and Oblivion. If enemy is killed,immediately gain additional round.

Excellent guide

IGN-RoW][Holy DMG: 760552

LIneup: Holy Xun Yu [L], Holy Cao Jie, Wind Lu Meng, Holy Wei Yan and FIre Sun Ce.

This strategy revolves around fire sun ce and his second skill that blocks beneficial effects, and if he steals a buff, then you can strip it with fire SC third skill. The idea is to make your team as tanky as possible to be able to take some hits, and have wind lumeng attack break the boss and revive someone if anything goes out of control. There are other heroes that have the same debuffas fire SC second skill, like evil meng huo, but fire sc is the best for the job because he is fire element, and the boss is wind. Healers that don't buff are good for this fight, like holy wei yan and holy cao jie.

IGN-®Løyde™ DMG:1021747

Line-Up:Martial God, Evil Guo Jia, Fire Roselle, Holy Liu Min, Water Zhuge Liang.

Strategy:For better survivability, use either evil guo jia or martial god as leader for 33% hp bonus. This team focus on survivability which consists of 3 healers. Holy liu min's passive skill is an insurance for any weak link in the team. Evil guo jia is essential for removing boss debuff every turn. Although the team's damage is slow, it is safe to auto the boss until it is too strong to handle. The individual hero gears play a part as to how far you can go. Avoidusing heroes that give attack, defense, critical buffs as the boss can steal them. Lastly, use your best 3 healers, 1 reviver or cleanser and a tanky holy liu min would be ideal.

IGN-TheWanted DMG: 336400

Line-up:Holy Xin Xianyin lead, Fire Xu Huang, Evil Lu Meng, Holy Wei Yan, Water ZhugeLiang

I actually made a mistake of taking my gear off my wind Ma Yunlu, I think she is great as a passive healer and she is wind against this boss. Anyways, I tried to experiment with speed using this lineup. I deally I wanted wind ZGL to revive my evil lu meng after he dies. However I didn't get to finish it. My damage output was relatively low because my holy xxy died early on. I am certain next week I will try something else. Also in order to achieve best results? I recommend NOT to do auto battle and just enjoy the game. I know it takes time but that's the way to obtain most optimal results.

My reasons for the armors: honestly i think DIVINE works best but it is also difficult to gear everyone with divine and sometimes the effectiveness is left alone to the RNG gods. I am not 100% sure but having high resistance is probably most ideal to prevent being stunned from the boss. I would like to try a accuracy team lead next week for the boss to allow my skills from all heroes to hit on him. Finding heroes that heals passively without buffs is difficult and i use my water zhuge liang for that. However if the boss steals my buffsl, I use water ZGL to also remove it from the boss and HOLY XXY can steal buffs from the boss as well! Next week I'll be looking to try and do this with WIND ZhugeLiang for his revival skill with evil Lu meng.

Final thoughts: My perfect ideal lineup would be FIRE sima yi, Evil Lu meng, Fire Xuhang, Wind Zhuge Liang and Holy Cao Jie

I try to bring heroes that have strong healing passives that can contribute to the team.

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