Time-Spec Boss Guide Ⅲ

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Time-Spec Boss Guide Ⅲ

Post by Roselle » 2016-11-28 7:34

Boss Information



1)Instant Kill

Attackenemy 4 times, ignores defense and prevents resurrection of target (if target is killed)

2)Tomb of Darkness

Attackall enemies 5 times and stun all enemies for 1 round.


Attack all enemies 5 times and deals an additional damage that is equivalent to 10% of current Hp (Which ignores defense) CD time 5 Round

4)Dimensional Force (Passive)

Each decrease in HP will increase attack by 30%, defense by 5% and speed by 10%.Also immune to skill control, poison and Oblivion. If enemy is killed, immediately gain additional round.

Excellent guide


Lineup: evil Gou Jia, fire Roselle, holy Cao Jie, witches, firelady mi,

Second line up used fire Xiao Qiao instead of Lady mi

You need to be faster than the boss, and try to avoid the first hits, the ignore defence makes sure to annihilate the full team, and if 1 goesdown, it can mean you only do a single attack as I found, and if you use a fast hero, it helps protect if you can use some kind of barrier or damage reducer, that is where holy cao jie plays a role and holy le jin can help, fire roselle can be replaced by holy zhuo yu, as his heal over time would help, you need to try and keep you heros either under invincibility for a long time or use healing to keep your heros alive and avoid death, as once dead, they can be revived, you could try to use people like fire xu huang as he advances attack guage to do more damage before the bosses main attacks

IGN-®↖陰天↘™ DMG:241218

Line-up:Evil Lu Meng, Martial god, holy Cao Jie, fire Roselle, fire Xu Huang

Strategy: Use martial god as team leader for 33% hp boost. Some other popular heroes with this leader skill would be evil guo jia and water guan yu. This team focus on speed and survival. As the boss deals too much damage with his ignore def skill, evil lu meng is used to help with 15% dmg reduction on top of the 33% hp boost. A high speed fire xu huang ensures your whole team moves first to bring the boss down before he wipes you out. Holy cao jie is an excellent healer and support which provides heal every turn. Give her divine set so that when she procs you can get a few heals in a row. Fire roselle is a high performance overall unit that can attack and support the team.

IGN-RoW][Holy DMG: 128806

Line-up: witches, holy Cao Jie, evil Gou Jia, holy Le Jin, Wind Ma Yunlu

This one is tough. The boss has two attacks that ignores defense and if he kills one of your heroes then it's probably game over because he will get another turnand start a killing spree. You should let aside high defense heroes for this fight for obvious reasons. I couldn't do enough damage with damage dealers(holy zou thai) last time so now I tried a different approach. Evil Guo Jia[L], Holy Cao Jie, Holy Le Jin, Wind Ma Yunlu and Witches. Egj for his HP leader skill, holy le jin because of his passive and attack break, hcj you all know already, wind myl which is great for this fight because the boss is water element, she can heal a lot and have accuracy debuff, and witches for immunity.You can't auto this fight, because you need to time witches immunity with the boss's second skill so you don't get aoe stunned. The strategy is to land attack and accuracy break on boss so his damage is not that huge anymore and this way you can survive quite a bit. Having Osrot in Lejin's place would help survivability a lot.

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