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Fix Sanctuary Boss Already and give compensation

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Fix Sanctuary Boss Already and give compensation

Post2018-04-02 0:03

Way too many players now can hit 30% or more damage on sanctuary boss without an acceleration potion and without any server damage bonus.  Hundreds of players might try to even get a hit registered each week unsuccessfully.  They will be in event with auto-join chosen well before it starts and lucky on a good week if even 5 players get a hit registered to count.  Today Nighthawk was in town killing succubus while many other players entered before him and had autojoin selected, moved as close as they could and yet 1 second after countdown: They see themselves run across screen, get to the boss before others but then see a message that it's over without allowing them to get pulled into battle.  Nighthawk killed the boss in 1 hit 100%.

Only 1 player gets any reward at all today. Normally being on the same server as top damage you'de get a reward even if you only hit once for 1 damage.  Nomally being on the same server as final hit you'de get a reward. Normally at least 5 players would get a reward for top damage, and top servers would get some compensation.  Yet players like myself on the top server with last hit get no reward at all.  Other servers spent gold to get a 25%attack bonus and lower bonuses and didn't even get a chance to use it.  

The fairness and practicality of the sanctuary boss has been broken for months.  At minimum all players with autojoin selected at time of boss death should be listed as having done 1 damage to trigger applicable rewards.  I have no problem with Nighthawk doing way more damage then any other participating player, but the boss needs to be able to live and survive long enough for everyone there before start of event to have a chance to at least hit it once.

This event has become the CRAPPIEST MULTI-SERVER EVENT EXPERIENCE.  It constantly frustrates and confuses the majority of players who try to participate each week.  You started to implement (albeit very poorly, a boss plan that if it wasn't killed in time over a few days it would weaken.) The main problem being as players grow the boss doesn't restrengthen proportionally.

Frankly if any boss is killed in under 5minutes it should gain 10% hps and 5% defense on following attempt.  Additionally if the boss is killed in under 1minute it should gain  another 25%hps and 10%block&resistance.  For challenges that are way out of balance from where they should be it would still take quite a few times to rebalance itself farly this way but would become balanced in time and then keep the boss from becoming too weak.

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