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Question regarding currencies

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Question regarding currencies

Post2016-09-02 4:48

Not sure which GM to look for regarding currencies and pre paid codes (Roselle suggested to look to the other GM's as she's primarily a VIP specialist).

A week or 2 ago or whenever that halloween like lottery thing was going on, was up in Canada and learned the hard way that an account that already has U.S. currency on it can't accept pre paid codes or methods of payment with foreign currencies.

I tried adding 25 canadian dollars to a US account and basically said "error, cannot redeem this in your country" yes I've tried changing my account settings 2-5 times but still didn't let me redeem my code. In current currency conversion, 25 canadian dollars is supposed to be 20 U.S. dollars.

Basically, was wondering if I could private message or email the unused pre-paid code first, at the same time, I was looking to purchase thise $9.99 once a month purchase thingies or just pure gold. In game name is mystery115, peasants of war guild, can email me or ingame PM.

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