Bonus Code Bonanza

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Bonus Code Bonanza

Post by daputrika » 2017-04-04 23:38

Just information...

each charging UniPin Wallet via Indomaret voucher worth 100,000 upon you the opportunity to earn bonus code. The bonus code can be used to get a bonus UniPin Credits to top up the next.

Event Period: March 23, 2017 s / d 5 April 2017.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Percentage bonuses earned based on the value of your initial top up, for example:

Top Up first 100,000, a bonus code worth 50%

Top UP secondly 10,000, you will get a total of 60,000 UniPin Credits. ((10,000 + 50% 100,000 (50,000)))

2. Bonus code varies with values up to 100%.

3. Bonus code obtained at random.

Steps - steps to get the Bonus Code:

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