Djakarta Warehouse Project 2017

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Djakarta Warehouse Project 2017

Post by daputrika » 2017-08-07 22:09

DWP (Djakarta Warehouse Project) is a music and dance festival organized by Ismaya Group every year by inviting top DJs from all over the world to accompany you as much joget from night to morning. It's really exciting!

Well, you know not if this year will be the 9th time DWP held, loh. Wow, DWP has been held almost the 9th, roughly you've ever follow-up how many times? Gapapa dong occasionally mimin kepo hihi.

Yuk, Serbaholic follow-up event Djakarta Warehouse Project, in JIEXPO, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. On December 15 & 16, 2017.

And for the ticket can buy the ticket where? You can buy it at allPay loh, becauseMulberry is one of the official distributors of DWP 2017 (Djakarta Warehouse Project) tickets so do not buy at random places or websites not clear ya ^ ^

do not be tempted by cheap price well. Because it could be one of the fraud mode. Because the price at allpayPay is the official price.

Want to know how to do? Check it out: ... ?type=3&theater

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