Child Lift Safety

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Child Lift Safety

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Child Lift Safety

Being an educational leader in this Child Lift Safety game and teach
your kids all the safety rules of lift in a fun way. In this Lift Safety
game, you can find a list of tips to know to when using an elevator.
First of all, you can learn If the lift is full then never try to stop a
closing door and wait for the next ride, Wait till everyone gets off
the lift. Next you can learn about elevator buttons and pay attention to
the floor indications. Now it's very important to learn If the lift
should ever be stuck between floors, and also learning how to use the
Emergency button. Here in this Elevator safety game for kids, you can
learn what to do in case of fire in the lift. There are tons of safety
tips that you have to learn so visit each and every educational level
and teach your kids how to use the lift.

Child Lift Safety Tips:

- Read the instructions properly before entering into the lift
- Stand clear of the elevator doors
- Never climb out of a stalled lift
- If the lift doors do not open then press the open button
- Do not throw rubbish into the elevator
- Best educational game for kids ever

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