Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

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Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

Post by Serenity » 2016-03-10 12:31

Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!Thank you all for supporting our game during Closed Beta and Girls X Battle are now launching Open Beta Server! The new Open Beta Server: Registration will be launching on March 11th 10:00 GMT +8 Time; meanwhile the Closed Beta Server will end on March 10th 23:59 GMT +8 Time. We have prepared various exciting events for all players to enjoy our gaming experience!#Andorid Download : ... .gxb#Girlx Battle Official Website: Page : : #Open Beta First Event: 7 Days Non Stop Celebration!Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17thDuring the period, players can claim your #sign in rewards daily, which include a free Battle Girl Archie single target burster! Please note the gift will be expired if you don’t claim it in time, so don’t miss out! #Open Beta Second Event:Exchange With Gift Points, Easy Earned On Items You Need!Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17thDuring 7 days after making an account, complete certain in-game activities daily will earn gift points. Gift points may use for exchanging items, all the gift points will be cleared out after 10 days. #Open Beta Third Even: 7 Days Goal- Legendary Battle Girl Reward Awaits You!Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17thOnce you achieve 7 Days Goal on Academy Level requirement, you will earn a corresponding Legendary Battle Girl! #Open Beta Fourth Event:Battle Girl’s Precious First Time..Time: Permanent On your first Recharge in any amount, you will receive a Battle Girl Gambler for reward! Along with other reward items, so please be gentle to her. #Open Beta Fifth Event:Battle Girl‘s Investment Fund, With 8x Amount Of Diamonds In Return!Time: PermanentPurchase the investment fund now, you will get total of 6400 Diamonds in return!And you only need 800 Diamonds to purchase the investment fund if you are VIP2 or above. #Open Beta Sixth Event: Achievement on Accumulated Recharge Amount, A Five Stars Battle Girl Zhi-Yao is here waiting for you!Time: PermanentOnce accumulated Recharge amount reaches 980 Diamonds, you will earn a great reward with Five Stars Legendary Battle Girl- Zhi Yao. A must have battle girl if you wish to dominate in Girls X Battle! After hearing all the events, what are you waiting for? Hurry and take your action to join us in Open Beta!

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Re: Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

Post by Distareria » 2016-05-19 7:00

Hi!Can i ask where am i able to access the fifth event Battle Girl‘s Investment Fund, With 8x Amount Of Diamonds In Return! ? Thanks! :)

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