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A Beginner's Guide.

Posted: 2016-03-21 19:29
by Glenn Yong@fb

Hi. Some of you may have seen me around in the game chat. For those who havent, i'm Mavisfrom Server 2. Here's a picture of my in game profile.

This would be a basic guide going throught the systems of the game and its functions. Some tips to the best of my knowledge would also be given together with some frequently asked questions being answered. Without further ado, lets move on to the guide.

Table of Content
1. Starting out
2. Starter heroes quick evaluation
3. Top Floor
4. Vending
5. Store
6. Lab
7. Work Place
8. Challenge
9. Quiz
10. Champion
11. Guild
12. Team Building & Campaign strategy.
13. Misc tips
14. FAQs

1. Starting out

After a short tutorial, you will be able to start campaign with 3 starter girls. They are Aquaris, Lavia & Pandaria. At the start it is recommended to promote them as they are your only units till the others are unlocked and they will bring you to further maps. This phase is a smooth and relaxing, upgrading and farming what you need is sufficient.

2. Starter heroes quick evaluation


Pros : Front line tank with AOE stun active skill.

Cons : Can be easily overpowered by other 3 stars front line tanks.


Pros : Middle range with high DPS

Cons : Single target active skill


Pros : Long range with silence and slow skills.

Cons : Active skill isnt very usefull.

3. Top Floor

Unlocks at level 10. You earn diamonds when you improve your highest ranking attained. Diamonds given increase exponentially as your climb higher rank. Meaning to say, the diamond u get from Rank 200 -> Rank 100 is way more then Rank 1000 -> Rank 900. Rewards for climbing the ranks are only given once. Example, you gotten to rank 1 before, it is recorded as your highest ranking attained and you had already received the rewards before, dropping your rank and getting back at rank 1 would not give you the reward again.

Tip: The arena reward are given out daily at 9pm (GMT+8), leave your last arena chance and refresh to a winnable opponent, 30 seconds before 9pm, attack and hope to win! If you win you secure a higher ranking for more rewards!

4. Vending

Sort of like the "gachapon" system for this game. Unlike this picture provided, most of you would only see the Small & Medium Exp Juice

machine. Reason its because the third machine, SX Exp Juice, would only be unlocked for those who are VIP 9 & above. Small Exp Juice machine

offer 5 free chances per day while medium would offer a free chance after every 48hours.

*IMPORTANT* The first single purchase of the Medium Exp Juice is a guaranteed 3 Star battle girl. Save up for it and use your diamond on it! It only cost 288diamonds.

5. Store

Unlock upon completion of Chapter 2 normal campaign. Items here refreshes at 4 timings. 9am, 12pm, 6pm & 9pm (GMT+8).

*Do not waste your diamonds to purchase any battle girl scroll offered here."

6. Lab

This is the game's system for gear enchantment. Any gears with a grade of Green and above would be opened to enchantment. Enchanting

requires sacrificing an item from bag to the gear that you want to enchant. There are certain items designed to specially aid your enchanting.

Items such as - Dragon Manual which gives 200 enchantment points

Training Guide which gives 60 enchantment points

Spell book which gives 10 enchantment points.

7. Work Place

8. Challenge

This system is kind of like a daily dungeon. Everyday the dungeon that is open would change. Each have their own requirement to enter and

different rewards upon completion. Rewards are basically gear fragments for blue to orange grade. I would further explain the requirements in

FAQs section as it is one of the most common FAQ that players normally would ask on the game chat.

9. Quiz

Quiz. And No, it doesnt ask you questions and reward you for answering it. This system consist of 2 dungeons that opens on different days too.

Physical test - Enemies are immune to magic damage. Its a test of your battle girls physical damage capabilities. So be sure to bring only physical damage dealing girls into battle. Upon completion, you would be awarded with items that could be sold in the store for tons of gold. $.$

Magic test - Enemies are immune to physical damage. So opposite of what you have to do for physical test. Upon completion, you would be awarded with items that are used to level up your battle girls. (NOT ACADEMY LEVEL)

10. Champion

In this system, there would be a total of 15stages. After every stage, there would be a chest for you. Each chest contains gold & some random

items. The difficulty for each stage increases as you proceed. I've seen lots of players complaining that its too difficult to clear all 15 stages. Fret

not from now on. This is what guides are for and look out for the tip to this champion mode in the tips section.

11. Guild

Voila. This is my guild screen. As seen from the screenshot of my profile, i'm am currently the Guild Leader of FairyTail in Server 2. My guild contains lots of awesome people. Be sure to join me and the rest if a vacancy appears.

The Guild system is unlocked at academy level 32. Other then being part of a community in game and awaiting for future patches for more functionality, there are still a couple of things that can help you progress in game..

1. You can obtain staminas in the "Afternoon tea section". In it, there will be 3 types of "drinks" which gives you staminas upon pressing on it. Cocktail and wine requires purchase using either gold or diamonds but you can also have if for free if a fellow guild mate bought it. Take note that there will only be a limited amount for those 2 so be fast.

2. You can dispatch girls to the "Girls Offer" system and get gold. The longer you leave them there, the more gold you will obtain. Girls that you leave there can still be used in your own battles. This is a sort of system for your fellow guild mates to borrow/lend your girls for battle. Be sure to leave your strongest girls to aid your guild mates in their battles.

3. Guild events are only available upon clearing Chapter 6 normal campaign & also requires an academy level of 46. Guild coins are rewarded upon completion is this function.

4. Gift exchange would be where you change your guild coins for rewards. Celeste in guild shop seems promising. Can't wait to get my hand on her (:

12. Team Building & Campaign strategy.

This is an important aspect of game which I feel that most player does not put much thought into. Not all heroes go well with each other, some has good synergy with others. So you have to plan what to focus on as you won't have the resources to upgrade every single ability and promote every single hero you get. I strongly recommend having more than 1 front line tanker. You know the saying goes, 2 is better than 1.

Being observant in campaign mode is also part of a strategy. Some skills can interrupt opponent skills. This is extremely important. If you can time your casting properly, you can cancel opponent skill and prevent tons of incoming damage which is vital for chapters that tons of people complain that "its impossible" to clear it.

13. Misc tips

Here are some of the tips i can give base on my experience soo far. If you have any suggestion or add-ons, kindly leave a comment (:

1. Spend your diamonds wisely. Why do i say this? Because i was an idiot. At the beginning stages of the game, i find that gold is really difficult to get. Thus i resorted to buying gold with diamonds. As a result, i spent thousands of diamonds on gold. I immediately regretted once i unlocked the Champion mode & physical test mode. Because just by completing these two dungeons, i can get a total of up to 1million gold. So now, after every server reset at 5am (GMT+8), i would only make a one time x10 gold purchase which only cost me 60diamonds for 200k+ gold. That is the maximum i would spend my diamonds on gold now.

2. The champion mode tip. Impossible to clear? Try starting with your weakest team and finishing it off with your strongest. (Mavis, i always do that but it still doesnt work for me.) Dying in battles? Press pause button on the top left corner and exit the battle before the battle ends. You would be back to where you are before you initiate that battle. You may now try again. If you want to play safe, do this on every stage to ensure non of your battle girls die.

3. Your battle girls' skills are extremely important. By increasing its skill level, not only will you increase your attack power, you will always increase the chances of any stun, silence, slow or any effects. This is a win win situation. So keep your battle girls skills leveled to the same as the girls' level.

4. Always keep your gears updated. Enchant them. Promote your girls whenever its possible. Blue gear fragments are hard to farm? Use your excess golds on Small Exp Juice Machine. It gives pretty good items such as completed blue gears. You mignt even stop collecting the fragments anymore.

14. FAQs

And finally here we are, Frequently Asked Questions. These are some of the common questions i see people asking around in the game chat and i shall answer it here too.

Question 1 : What are those Alphabets (A,M,P,R) on the bottom right corner of my battle girl's card?
Answer : Those alphabets are like labels. With A = Aladrinns, M = Milerra, P = Perity and lastly, R = Rania. So what are they for? They are used for challenge mode. Different dungeon has different specific type allowed. Example would be Conquer Aladrinns allow you to use only Rania and Milerra type girls. These types DO NO AFFECT YOUR BATTLE GIRLS STATS.

Question 2 : Is it worthy recharging for VIP level?
Answer : The choice is for you to make. If you love the game and you want to be better in it, then buy it with your spare cash. It offers lots of advantages.

Question 3 : Which battle girl is the strongest? / Which battle girl is the weakest? / Which battle girls are good?
Answer : Honestly to me, they are all great. It all depends on your own strategy. Of course the more stars they have, the better stats they would have. But a 1 star can always evolve to the maximum of 5star. You just need the time to farm for the resources. So again, choice is for you to make.

Question 4 : Who is that dragon lance wielding battle girl i saw?
Answer : Her name is Guan Yin. She is exclusive to only the Sx Exp Vending machine which is only available to VIP 9 & above. Want to own her? Get to VIP9 and try your luck on the sx machine.

Question 5 : How can i add friend?
Answer : This game currently have no friend adding system but it has already been proposed and i believe that the developers are doing something about it. So don't trust anyone that give a bunch of weird codes saying add friend. They are just selfish idiots who want to scam you for the inviting diamonds which only they would get and you get nothing but being cheated.

Question 6 : Anyone online?
Answer : yes of course there will be players online. They just don't bother talking or are busy with something else. Personally, im online almost all the time, so got any questions and you're from server 2? ask on the game chat and i might just happen to answer you (:

Thats all for now. Would constantly update this guide should there be anything new. Have a nice day and see you guys in game

Re: A Beginner's Guide.

Posted: 2016-04-14 4:35
by Yannick Vankerkhove@google

Hey Mavis,


Didn't know you could reset a champion battle, brilliant!

Baiko from s8

Re: A Beginner's Guide.

Posted: 2016-04-14 15:02
by Edwin Ebo@fb

Hey mavis you said i don't need guide :( mwhahaha

-kenta s8 XD lol the only noob mwhahaa

Re: A Beginner's Guide.

Posted: 2016-05-04 20:19
by yukki

Great Job doing this Guide, hoping to see extra info soon :D


Re: A Beginner's Guide.

Posted: 2016-05-12 5:00
by superdts

I see this special girl that has the ultimate (i think) that teleports the back of the enemy line and start doing insane fast attack and BIG DAMAGE. Saw this girl when i was doing robbing on the work places. Only saw it once though.

Question is, who is that girl and how can I get her?