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celebrate Indonesia's Game Day

Posted: 2017-08-09 5:01
by daputrika

To celebrate Indonesia's Game Day which falls on this day, August 8, 2017, UniPin held an exciting event for all of you !!! In this event for you guys who top up to UniPin Wallet using a voucher from Indomaret with a certain nominal, you can get a bonus UniPin Credits !!

Curious eventnya how? See below ya !!

Event Period: August 8, 2017 to August 14, 2017.

Terms and Conditions :

1. Top Up using UniPin voucher from Indomaret to UniPin Wallet.

2. Nominal Top Up applicable for this event: 100.000, 300.000, and 500.000

3. During the event period, for you guys who top up to UniPin Wallet with denominations at point .2, you will not get a reward point.

4. UPGC is not included in this event.

How to Play: