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Regarding Gear Enhancement, Promotion & Evolution

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Kevin Rojas@fb

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Regarding Gear Enhancement, Promotion & Evolution

Post2016-05-19 22:47

I wanted to ask 2 questions:

1- Is it worth it to enhance all your equipment before promoting? I mean, does this give you any kind of small permanent boost to your stats or enhancing is just temporary until you promote and then its gone?

2- Evolving adds a star and that raises your power growth right? So, is it better to just level up your girls and when you find the nessesary amount of scrolls evolve them as you go, or is better to leave them with low levels, hunt for the scrolls, evolve them and then level them up?

And yeah, technically I asked more than 2 questions...



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Re: Regarding Gear Enhancement, Promotion & Evolution

Post2016-05-20 19:54


You lose all enchaments when you promote your girls. However, you get some of the pieces back and the enchament books back. So it's up to you to enchant the gear on your girls. Also, doing so will give you the upper hand in PvP, unless the other player has enchanted gear as well (Most people do). I will get my girls to at least to Blue +2, before I start enchanting the gear

Now for evolving them. It doesn't matter which way you do it, since the girls don't lose any level's when evolving. So it's really up to you to evolve them or not. This also will increase their stats, so I recommend evolving them.

I personnal think to level and evolve the girls you will use in PvP and PvE the most. But keep a minium level for new girls you may summon.


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