Direction of the Game

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Direction of the Game

Post by Kama Kang@fb » 2016-05-23 19:12

So yeah a few questions for those experienced players with the bbs company, or the game staff. For someone considering to spend again on an imported game from China with a VIP system. I would like to know if this game will pull of these futures stunts that will mess up a lot of customer's effort.

1. This game is picking up a lot of steam which explains why there is a server opening every few days in between. What I want to know is, will these server be forcibly merge in the future should the popularity drop? I really much want to know if the company for the sake of saving on server upkeep or will they screw their customer's and player's over after they made that short term gain. Will they merge server over and over so that the players will feel compelled to spend more money in order to compete decently for top 10 or 20 or just plain quit.

2. There are some functions of the game that can't be unlock without VIP. How much of an advantage are these unlocked features? Specifically that SX vending machine at VIP9, thats 200 USD. Someone made a comment that's the only way you can get certain heroines like Guan Yin unless they have an event. A clearer description on these advantages would be appreciated.

3. I know the game is just starting out, and they are merely making micro transactions for heroines. But will they move into macro transactions for heroine. Lets say that Zhi Yao char cost 10 bucks get. Later down the line will they throw in some SSS heroines, or 6 star in this game that would cost 500 USD to get outright?

4. Will there be a lotto system? And if there is will there be a probability chart/ratio shown or just like putting 7 choices and going my players assumption they would think its 1/7 chance but actually its more like 1 in 200 or the like.

It is important for me to know these before spending again. I've had a share of bad experience with another company, spending about 1k USD(would be about VIP13 here) on a server to compete in top 5. Then they decide to merge 4 servers together and suddenly I couldn't compete in even the top 30 anymore. Made me and a lot of other paying players quit ofc, but I feel it was absurd especially after spending that much. Thats enough to get a decent computer, buy an AAA game and several years of subscription, or a console even.

Now this game isn't that heavy in spending compare to some other VIP system games, but it's still there. I want to buy some game stuff ofc, but I want it to be worth it. Will this game company handle things more fairer for the players and customers. So far I'm liking the generous diamonds they give out, even as a VIP0, but can I compete in the game without having to become at VIP9+? Maybe bring that features down to a VIP4 would be more reasonable if it is such an important feature.

All this boils down, is it worth it to spend? Is this company more noteworthy than the others or they are just one of the bunch.

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