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Bugs & Issues

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Bugs & Issues

Post2016-08-08 12:53

Since there is no official Bugs & Issues thread on the forums this place should serve as one.

Please state what kind of problem you address, and what and where it is. If it's a translation issue you may post a suggestion as well.


There is a gap at the bottom of the frame during the sliding loading screen in Work Place.


Revolver's skill description for Focus Fire.


Passive: All allies will create additional damage to Revolver's the closest target.


Passive: All allies will deal additional damage to Revolver's closest target.

Annie's skill description for Outer Heaven.


Outer Heaven

Lock an enemy , the locked enemy use physical attack only and take physical damage , also suffer additional damage when hit by spell.


Outter Heaven

Lock an enemy. Locked enemies use physical attacks only and take physical damage. Also suffer additional damage when hit by spells.

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Game halts and exits

Post2016-11-10 20:22

BxG has become increasingly unplayable over that lst few weeks. The game keeps halting and exits to my iPad main screen.  This used to happen occasionally, but rarely when entering or in the middle of a battle.  Now however it happens contantly on the order of 4 out of every 5 battles I try to start.  I thought it may have been something with my iPad but none of my other game apps has this issue.  I've made sure there are no other apps running in the background and I have over 2 gb of memory open.

Hope someone can help with this



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