Balance Discussion

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Balance Discussion

Post by Yllithian » 2016-08-08 13:49

Since there is no official Balance Discussion thread this place should serve as one.

You can post your opinions as well as suggestions for improvements.


Overperformes. Makes the concept of "tanks in front, damage dealers in rear" useless with her piercing attacks.

Zhi Yao:

Underperformes. Lacks any distinct role. Too frail for a tank, too weak for a damage dealer and not good enough skills for a support. Rather than directing her towards one of those roles, significantly buff her Bloody Lance skill so that it makes a difference in a fight.


Her Bamboo Rain ability is too weak. It even says in her description "has a powerful slaying skill". A damage buff is needed. Otherwise works well in a support role, but is almost always overshadowed by other girls with better support skills, or changed for a pure rear damage dealer.

Michael Leadward Manogan@fb
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Re: Balance Discussion

Post by Michael Leadward Manogan@fb » 2016-10-31 13:28

I think that Wildtress should also be nerfed. She is an OP as a Tank(and support?) because you cannot actually stop her at first as she rushes and becomes a Joan(nobody gets hurt in the team, Joan active skill). Add her to pure attackers and it will be a very strong team because it's like you cannot be attacked and interrupted during the first few seconds of the match which is actually the most crucial part of the match.

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