❤LDR❤ Fighters recruiting

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Esther Wong@fb
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❤LDR❤ Fighters recruiting

Post by Esther Wong@fb » 2016-04-07 2:30

Hey guys!

I am Rad, the guild leader. We are a new guild aiming to learn and have fun as we go. If you would like to have a good time playing ptk with some support, do drop me a PM at RadRehtse in game.

I am thinking to have a whatsapp group for the guild members. Open for discussion but do let me know of your thoughts if you are a guild member.

My initial thought of starting this guild was also to encourage ppl in LDR to continue fighting on and share the interest of ptk. You can think of me as mama bear of the guild and MelonZ as papa bear. :P

What I do ask is for you to be ACTIVE. I dont mind lowbies. I am not very pro. But at least aim to finish the daily mission and improve yourself as we go. :)

Thanks for reading. Let's keep on having fun and learn more about your fellow guild members.


Soul Eater@google
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Re: ❤LDR❤ Fighters recruiting

Post by Soul Eater@google » 2017-01-13 16:51

can i jion the guild im level 10

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Re: ❤LDR❤ Fighters recruiting

Post by adrian38 » 2017-05-14 20:03

[quote="Soul Eater@google"]

can i jion the guild im level 10


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