Martial Master Tournament has ended!

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Martial Master Tournament has ended!

Post by Goddess » 2018-03-10 9:14

Martial Master Tournament has begun!
Fight players from other servers on your level group!

Congratulations to all 10 winners!
Winner list:

Martial Master Tournament is divided into 2 server groups:
- Americas Server
- Oceanic Server

And it will also be divided into 5 level group:
- Bronze Martial Master: [Lv100 - Lv129]
- Silver Martial Master: [Lv130 - Lv149]
- Gold Martial Master: [Lv150 - Lv169]
- Platinum Martial Master: [Lv170 - Lv179]
- Diamond Martial Master: [Lv180+]
For Americas Server, Diamond level group will be further divided into two different groups, S106-S121 and S122-S143

Registration time:
Americas Server: March 10th, 10:00 AM - March 11th, 11:30 AM
Oceanic Server: March 11th, 10:00 AM - March 12th 11:30 AM

After registration period starts, the match button will appear under Big Match category for qualified players

Click the feature to view the match time table, sign up, or edit lineup

Registration rules:
- Level requirement: Lv100
- Registration period will be opened for 25.5 hours
- Play Off will begin 1.5 hours after registration period ends
- Do not forget to sign up!

Play Off rules:
- All participants will be matched randomly against other players in the group
- Participants will be eliminated after losing 3 matches
- Participants will be given 10 minutes preparation time after each match
- Participants can view battle replays by clicking 'My Record'
- Play Off will continue until there are only top 32 participants remain, where they will ascend into the Heaven List
- 32 Eliminated players with the best scores will be listed in the Earth List

Elite 16 - Final Round rules:
- The 32 participants on each list will be divided into 8 different groups, each player will be matched randomly with an opponent, where the winner will advance to the next round, competing to reach the Final Round
- Elite Rounds adapt Best of 5 match format, players who win three matches first will be the winner and advance to the next round
- All participants will be given 1 hour preparation time after each match

Good luck and have fun!^^
STK Operational Team