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【Oceanic S1-S105】 April 2017 Martial Master Announcement !

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【Oceanic S1-S105】 April 2017 Martial Master Announcement !

Post2017-04-11 12:19

【Oceanic S1-S105】 April 2017 Martial Master Announcement

Dear STK Players,

April 2017 Martial Master Competition will be opened, 
who will be the winner of each Martial Master group ? 
Who will have passed the examination ? 
We will wait and see what happen on April 11th, 2017 !

Range of server    : S1-S105 
Event Description :

After reach Lv 100, all players need to register by themselves to participate in this competition.
In this period of Martial Master, the sign up is started on Tuesday, April 11th 2017 at 10:00 GMT+8

The screenshot of the schedule as follow :

This competition is the event in all server, the span of contestants is more large. 
Certainly, there will be the gap between new and old players.
Thus, prepare your character and partners' attribute as strong as you can,
set your formation as good as you can.   

Detail Rules and Regulations of Martial Master Competition : 
The prizes of this event will be prevailed inside the game,
the final decision belongs to Sexy Three Kingdoms Operational Team.

What are you waiting for ? PK from all server, let's participate !

Keep the warrior spirit ! Happy Gaming !

《Sexy Three Kingdoms》 Operational Team


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