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【US-EAST】Recruitment for S111 【Believers】Novice Helper !

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【US-EAST】Recruitment for S111 【Believers】Novice Helper !

Post2017-04-13 9:54

【US-EAST】Recruitment for S111 【Believers】Novice Helper !

We will launch a New Server S111 ‘Believers' on April 14th,2017 06:00 EST(GMT-5)

Regarding the opening of New Server S111 'Believers', please check the following link :

We will recruit Novice Helper from all the STK players from Server S106-S108 to instruct the newcomers of game. 
We will give precious prizes for Novice Helper . So register and join soon !

Novice Instructor Tasks :
1. Answer the new STK players' question in the corresponding server and world channel passionately and correctly.
2. Guiding new players to master the game.
3. Give information to all players about the official event and announcement
4. Report the deceits in game timely; activating the area and world channel.
5. Actively cooperate with Game Master; report the game problem timely.
6. Work time: 7 days after S107 is opened, give assurance to actively online no less than 5 hours every day. 
   Offline for 48 hours without exceptional case, will regard as abandoning the task, and will be fired as Novice Helper.

Rewards for Novice Helper :
1. During 7 days period take charge as Novice Helper, we will give the Novice Helper thespecial title ‘Novice Helper’
2. After 7 days period of tenure, Novice Helper should take initiative to contact Goddess (GM) in corresponding server, 
   we will give 2,000 Gold to the qualified Novice Helper based on comprehensive evaluation of his/her feedback to the
   players’question in game. 
   The 2,000 Gold reward can be sent to appointed character in any server, which was chosen by the Novice Helper. 
   It must be the same account with Novice Helper’s account.

Requirements of Novice Helper :
1.  Love, familiar with the game, be passionate and patience to help new players.
2.  Have enough online time, give assurance at least 5 hours per day actively online, 
     can continuously online and guide new player with patience.
3.  The player who has already applied as Novice Helper,
     must be online in the game before the server is opened; 
     if on that day the player is not online, will be regarded as quit from the application.

Recruitment Method of Novice Helper:
Recruitment Time   : From now untill April 14th,2017 11:00 EST(GMT-5)
Recruitment Quota : 1

If you want to apply to be the Novice Helper, reply this post with the following format:
Server : S1 (it’s the server where the player has played STK before the new server is opened)
Name   : Goddess
Level  : 80

If player do not follow the format above, we will not accept the application. 

We will select the appropriate player to be Novice Helper. 

GM Goddess will contact you for the details, please keep online.

1. Novice Helper applicant should contact GM Goddess when the title feature in new server is opened (at 18th level).
2. If there are any questions during the period of event, Novice Helper should contact the Goddess timely.
3. If there are any problems during this period of event, STK has the right to modify or terminate the event and give          final decision.
4. Player is not allowed to apply for Novice Helper successively. 
   For example, player has been registered as the Novice Helper in Server A, 
   he will not be allowed to apply in Server B, C, D. 
   However, player is allowed to apply again after the interval of three servers, i.e.Server E
5. Every Novice Helper could only ask for reward once. 
    If there is any Novice Helper who asks for reward repeatedly, we will never hire    the corresponding player again
6. The player who applies for Novice Helper must have the same account with the character that will be registered as           Novice Helper and will receive the reward of Novice Helper as well.
7. When the recruitment time is over, the player don’t respond Goddess or take initiative to contact Goddess, we will           regard the player as quit from application, and won’t hire the player in the next three servers.
8. Please be prudent if you want to register Novice Helper. 
   If you have not enough time to online, not willing to help players, as well as do not understand the event, we will            cancel your‘Novice Helper’title and reward.

Warmest Regards,

STK Operation Team

April 13th, 2017



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Re: 【US-EAST】Recruitment for S111 【Believers】Novice Helper !

Post2017-04-14 6:33

Server : S109
Name   : Cailyn Brookshire
Level  : 93

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