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Inter Server World Hegemony!

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Inter Server World Hegemony!

Post2015-08-25 2:34

Hello Carolgamers!

The most elite PvP Event is here again:  Inter Server World Hegemony!

Don’t forget to gear up and prepare yourself!

We have already had the Single Server World Hegemony Event. All 32 players that qualified into the Single Server World Hegemony Event are automatically registered 

to participate in the Inter Server World Hegemony Event!

Remember, if you didn’t sign up or participate in the Single Server World Hegemony Event, then you won’t be able to enter the Inter Server World 

Hegemony Event.

Inter Server World Hegemony will be held for S1 to S77, which will be divided into 7 groups: S1-S12, S13-S24, S25-S36, S37-S48, S49-S60, S61-S72, S73-S77.

Be prepared to face and battle players from other servers!

The Inter Server World Hegemony Event will begin on August 26th at 10:00


STK Admin Team

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