beginner helper

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beginner helper

Post by eyeswallow » 2017-12-30 1:16

I was interested in trying that position, but there is no place on the web page to reply to that thread.

I'm in S127 Hall of Sin and my igk is eyeswallow and I'm a level 60

I have been playing for a couple weeks and enjoy the game. But I don't know how to properly apply.

I should state that it may be a technical problem as I do not use windows, but linux instead.

The game works fine and If I may be of service please let me know.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter .

Sincerely eyeswallow

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Re: beginner helper

Post by HakilErica » 2018-01-14 21:36

Go over to the News & Events section of this forum and reply to the thread of the server announcement you are applying for.

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