Where are all my items?!?!

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greg scott@fb
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Where are all my items?!?!

Post by greg scott@fb » 2018-02-06 15:29

I just logged onto my character and all my mail is gone. I had pages, & pages, & pages of unclaimed items. Many items I was saving for weekly events, many for special events, and some just stored. There was GOLD, twns of thousands in stamina, hundreds of millions in silver. There was also lots of items I used GOLD to aquire and had not gotten to claim.

These items were there with LOTS of time on the timers left - I had just looked afew hours ago. NOW, my whole mail file has been cleared.

This is VERY UPSETTING and concerning based on the out-of-pocket exspense used to gain much of these items.

This is a MAJOR (SUBSTANTIAL) out-of-pocket loss.

greg scott@fb
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Re: Where are all my items?!?!

Post by greg scott@fb » 2018-02-07 15:47

I consider this a FAILURE to provide services and/or material contracted and
paid for. Payment was tendered in good faith. Payment was accepted. Services
are not fulfilled.

According to "pay.carolgames.com" -

Please understand that due to the nature of our services, refunds are not
available for any of our products. Any malicious refund requests or payment
reversal (by chargeback, etc.) can and will lead to the permanent suspension of
your account.

2. Any account found
to have requested chargeback may be deactivated permanently or temporarily
according to the situation. This is regardless of whether or not the account's
gold has been consumed.

3. If a
chargeback-related issue is detected on a verified user account all relevant
ID, credit card accounts, and other accounts will be automatically be added to
carolgame's blacklist.

Failure to provide services/materials may be grounds for for payment reversals. This would be a failure on the part of CarolGames, not the customer.

If this the way Carolgames does business, addition to "Carolgame's blacklist" may be acceptable since I would never do further business with such a company.

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Re: Where are all my items?!?!

Post by Garen » 2018-02-07 23:44

if you are in one of servers merged
check this. https://boq.carolgames.com/article/get_content/3067/
''1. The related functions of Sanctuary to S51-S114 will be inactivated during the merging, and will be available after the Data Transmission.
2. After the Data Transmission, emails and attachments will be deleted.
lease claim them timely.

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Re: Where are all my items?!?!

Post by HakilErica » 2018-05-07 20:01

Spread the word and bring out your dead... mega-merger currently scheduled for tomorrow morning...

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