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Second reinforcement pack

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Second reinforcement pack

Post2017-08-16 11:55

There are many players who are already past level 140 when this update came out.

Could those players recieve the second reinforcement pack since they can't get it otherwise?



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Re: Second reinforcement pack

Post2017-08-16 13:15

I think they can get it even though they are over 140 before the update



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Re: Second reinforcement pack

Post2017-08-28 11:47

Where can You get this reinforcement pack? Yesterday I leveled up to 140, but haven't received anything.



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Re: Second reinforcement pack

Post2017-08-28 20:06

Have you completed the level 140 quest/s?     



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Re: Second reinforcement pack

Post2017-08-28 22:41

well sure, the distribution of the packs can be a mystery yet all you have to do is

i received my pack within an hour after putting a buddy in the reinforcement slot.

if you dont get it soon enough, 

message the GMs ingame with the GM button, easier for them.

if you try to resolve this issue here, they will only ask for your character name and server anyways.

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