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Suggestion: recommended Battle Capacity

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Suggestion: recommended Battle Capacity

Post2017-08-19 11:51

This is just my suggestion but i'll post it here anyways.

We need a recommended BC for all dungeons, including main instances and elite instances. This is because we don't know the power of the enemies, and if we can have this system then we can know how much BC does the enemy has and if necessary, increase our BC.



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Re: Suggestion: recommended Battle Capacity

Post2017-08-21 7:26

The amount of BC you have is irrelevant to how well you do in any battle or instance. It only depends on how you have built your buddies and your main. They can be built well but have a lower BC. Alternatively, you could have a really high BC perhaps from enhancements or high gem stats, but that equipment might be on Luia, Gray, and Anna, which makes it almost redundant, and those gem stats might be high, but not make any difference if it's for the wrong class.

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