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Outfit Handbook Suggestion,

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Outfit Handbook Suggestion,

Post2017-08-28 20:20

I've noticed that the outfit handbook only ever has one image shown when there are 6 images total, one for each class and gender. Some people wont like the appearance of the outfit on a female knight, but love it on a ranger or assassin m/f, or male knight. 

Case in point, halloween: Ranger is a witch, assassin a skeleton, and knight is... well IDK what exactly carolgames was aiming for with the knights halloween costume. I like the witch, but dont care for the skeleton. 

I think that time should be taken to swap between each class for the screenshots so that everyone can see what is available for both genders and all classes.

Along these lines, the outfit backpack has no where near all of the outfits listed to preview. 

Also along these lines, it would be nice to have a buddy skins handbook. 

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