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Not being able to log into account

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Not being able to log into account

Post2017-09-08 4:03

So I play on server 85 in Blade of Queen and I closed out after draining all my stamina. Later that day, I log back on using the shortcut on my desktop I made, but instead of taking me to the game, it took me back to the home page of the official website. I thought at first maybe it was an update to the game (I am relatively new and haven't experienced what happens during an update when its happening), so I waited and waited. But I decided to look at the website eventually to see if there were update notes. Oddly enough, I wasn't logged in, so I logged in using my normal email I used to sign into the game and I clicked Play and once it loaded up, it gave me the character class selection screen instead of loading into Thorn ville valley (I thinks that what it's called, I don't really remember). So naturally I was very confused and logged out. I tried different emails I had to see if maybe somehow my normal account was on one of them and I logged using the wrong email. I was very wrong, the email I used intially I knew was correct. So I decided to see if my original character was still in the game, so I played with a new character until around level 20 when guilds are unlocked and I joined my normal guild and I did find my original character still in the game. So I really need some help here. I really don't want to go through all the progress I went through on my original character again and I really liked where I was on my original character, so can anyone help me out here?

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