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Is Viburnum dead?

PostPosted: 2017-12-06 0:31
by Viburnum

I haven't been able to log in (Server 36) for 3 days. It just goes straight to the BoQ home page. When I went to S36 from there, it asked for an e-mail and password, which I hadn't given back when I started. I gave that information and then it asked for my character name. I typed Viburnum and then it said, "Wrong name. Please choose another." So is Viburnum dead? Is S36 dead?

Re: Is Viburnum dead?

PostPosted: 2018-01-06 21:08
by Viburnum

Okay, I haven't been able to log in for a month. She's dead.

Re: Is Viburnum dead?

PostPosted: 2018-01-07 6:36
by Angel

Hello, we can find this character in our system. Can you give me something to proof it is your account?

Re: Is Viburnum dead?

PostPosted: 2018-01-30 2:10
by Viburnum

I started playing through a Time Warner Cable server in South Carolina, now through a Spectrum server in New York.

I also had a character named Viburnum in S35 but I never played as that character because it started on accident while I was figuring out the rules of the game.

When I got locked out of the account, Viburnum was in the American Wild West-themed town that appears after the fight against Dark Lord.

She's in the clan Corrupted.

When the second backup buddy was added to the game, the extra set of equipment didn't automatically appear for me. After I sent a bug report about it, I got a reply that the problem had been fixed and the equipment was indeed there.