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Hera the most impractical choice yet

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Hera the most impractical choice yet

Post2017-12-17 21:29

In a nutshell, I don't think you'll ever see a Hera around.  First it sucks that you loose ALL of Ares defensive abilities completely in the merger with Venus.  I have a level 176 venus and 176 ares. I use the Ares all the time, and don't ever add my Venus to party (it remains dequed).  Second the practical ability to even get it is insane:

You need to boost 600 intimacy points with Envy Spars that do "1-5"intimacy. A minimum of 120 envy spars, but practically speaking you'de be lucky if they average 2 intimacy a piece and thus will need about 300 envy spars.  It takes 100 gold a spin at hero roullette to try and get one.  Thus a minimum of 30,000 gold if a miracle happened to get just the intimacy maxed.  Practically you are LUCKY to average 1in10 (usually worse odds) and be looking at 300,000 gold or more just to get the intimacy to create Hera.

So there aren't that many players who even have both Ares and Venus in the first place, let alone want to spend what it costs to merge them and then build it up.  While they say they will return your invested shards, yellow, and gold emblems from venus and ares after the merge: You never really recover the gold spent on tasks to get the shards in first place. Since you can never readd venus or ares if make hera, the shards are only good for selling to npc for more emblems.  Yet what you also don't know up front is the cost per deicide skills for the Hera, which more then likely costs more then what get back from venus and ares.

I hope they make some tweaks to hera and/or make it a bit more practical to acquire. (Not going to hold my breath for either of these to happen.) 

Please comment if you actually have both Ares and venus and have a take on this.  



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Re: Hera the most impractical choice yet

Post2017-12-18 22:34

I got Hera from the initial event, so she was not much different from Athena.

Regarding the Deicide Skill I'd say Hera is a lot better than either Venus or Ares. Her confuse rate is a lot higher than Venus' and the DS reduction together with your own attack increase is huge. The only reason she's not my pick for Purify Halidom is because Pandora is just utterly broken.

Also don't forget that her rage skill only costs 50 rage, so in combination with a Fortitude Halidom on Frigga you can use it every other round. Yes, Accolade and Ares have nice defensive skills, but Hera's offensive skills are just so much better. It's also relatively cheap, only around 12000 yellow emblems to get to rank 8.

And of course you get another nice-looking woman in your party instead of a hulk with a helmet, so that's also a plus :3



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Re: Hera the most impractical choice yet

Post2017-12-21 11:08

Being in Himiko's cluster, I can say hers isn't the only one, and there are a few more looking to get her.

Like you, I'm not convinced the cost is worth what I've seen as a return from Hera.  Not that she doesn't look very impressive & useful.

As to her Decide costs, I would expect Parn to include her on the list ( one of these days.



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Re: Hera the most impractical choice yet

Post2017-12-24 0:20

I have been blowing away Evil Palace with Hera....nothing is better than watching your opponent hit themselves in the face for you....I mean if they are hitting themselves...they arent hitting you

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