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Angel's Gate/Covenant

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Angel's Gate/Covenant

Post2017-12-19 20:20

Are these worth it? They replace a normal buddy so I have gear and star them up? So which buddies are they equivalent to?



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Re: Angel's Gate/Covenant

Post2017-12-19 20:42

In general they aren't worth it in the long run. You're better off selling the summoning items for silver.



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Re: Angel's Gate/Covenant

Post2017-12-21 10:22

If you can get them early enough then they are more useful.

Angel of Might - Exists, attacks a file

Archangel - No real equivalent for its damage mitigation/distribution ability, which can extend the usefulness beyond when it should phaseout

Seraph - Attack/stun all, so equivalent to other such warlocks like Noms & Zyra

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