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Schneider? Inquierer Dylan? Giant Machine G?

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Schneider? Inquierer Dylan? Giant Machine G?

Post2017-12-24 8:41

What are these characters people have? 

OK it's some Eidolon thing but I don't seem to have it though I get the marks and capture the guys.



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Re: Schneider? Inquierer Dylan? Giant Machine G?

Post2017-12-27 23:07


If u have caught an eidolon or 2 u then need to attach them to a buddy.

Go to the eidolon screen (bottom right) and open it. Once there any eidolons u have captured will be on the far left of the portrait list at the bottom. Click on the little pointer icon in the top right corner of a portrait of a captured eidolon and u can then allocate it to a buddy.

Once that has been done it will appear in battle when that buddy dies.

Hope that helps and if u have any more questions feel free to either drop me a PM or leave them here.



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