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Lucky Star of Raid ?????

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Lucky Star of Raid ?????

Post2017-08-13 4:48

I've got that pulsing red square "Lucky Star of Raid" on my buffs bar. But I don't notice any gold bonus (it is supposed to double gold when raiding). 

Do I have to do something to get the Star before I get the bonus in the event? Or is this BOQ just doing another bogus event buff to make us think we're getting something?



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Re: Lucky Star of Raid ?????

Post2017-08-14 22:06

I believe that in order to actually get the title and the buffs, you had to donate a ridiculously huge number of pink flowers ... I forget how many. I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere near to even half of it.  :D



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Re: Lucky Star of Raid ?????

Post2017-08-15 2:24

I know this response is a bit late, but to help clarify. You need to acquire the title "Lucky Star of Raid" first. It is usually available as a recharge reward during the Lucky Star of Raid event. It doubles the chances of gaining gold, (does not double the amount of gold per se). I do notice an increase when I use stamina during this event and believe it is not just a bogus event. Hope this helps!

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